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Gifting in Ireland: Did you know that in Ireland it is customary to politely refuse a gift when it is first offered?

You might refuse it once and maybe even twice. The third time, you should accept.

This custom is thought to have come from the days of the Potato Famine. Although people had nothing to offer, they could offer the hospitality of a cup of tea or other without embarrassment.

By offering a third time, the recipient was assured that accepting the gift would not cause the giver hardship.

Although time has passed, sharing what we have is still a huge part of Irish culture and sharing the things we love from our special island with one another has become second nature.

A gift should make an impression to the receiver from the moment they spot it-we aim for too good to refuse!

From the moment they see our beautiful statement ribbon, we want each of our gift sets to inspire the giver to mark special moments & to inspire the receivers to make memories to last a lifetime.

‘Bronntanas’ is the Irish word for ‘Gift’

Here at Madigan, we prepare each and every gift as though it were from our family to yours. Each gift is beautifully packaged in our signature reusable Madigan gift box-perfect for storing your special gifts and made from recycled materials. Finally, they are all tied up with our beautiful luxurious Madigan ribbon.

We are proud to present our selection of gift sets made by hand in our studio in Ireland, from the finest Cashmere & Silk.

If you have any questions at all or are looking for guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on our live chat or by email at

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